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Type 2 Diabetes Is Reversible!

Author's Perspective: Although there is no medically-approved cure for Type 2 diabetes, there is a lot of evidence that indicates that you can definitely stop the progression of the disease and prevent the development of the complications  such as amputation, kidney failure, and blindness. In addition, there is evidence that you can reverse the cellular and tissue damage caused by the diabetes and its complications.

More and more people are reversing their diabetes every day. Unfortunately, some of our clients (before they found us) were burned by several "cure diabetes" programs that made promises that they couldn't keep. The promises included being able to reverse your diabetes in 6 weeks, 30 days, 1 week, and even 3 days! Are you kidding me??

For any of you who understand the science of diabetes pathology, you know that you can't get rid of diabetes in less than 90-180 days because of the time it takes your body to turn over your red blood cells and repair the other damaged cells.

But, unfortunately, the average person does not have a science background. And, these companies and some of these doctors know that you lack the knowledge about science pathology. So, they take advantage of your lack of knowledge and lure you in with their empty promises and false money back guarantees.

If you're not sure whether the programs that you're researching are scams, then, read this web page so that you will understand how to recognize a scam before you spend your money.

List of Studies and Reports: Diabetes is Reversible
The list of medical experts who believe that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed is growing. The following studies and reports are just a few of the many cases that demonstrate that Type 2 diabetes is reversible in this country and around the world.

Dr. Mehmet Oz says diabetes is reversible.
Acceptance is growing among the mainstream medical community that type 2 diabetes is reversible. Dr. Mehmet Oz is among the many physicians who now say diabetes is completely treatable, and reversible, by making better lifestyle choices

As reported on, Dr. Oz stated:
“Most diabetes is preventable,” he says. “It is treatable, even reversible … Ninety percent of type 2 diabetics can actually reverse their problem.”

Note: Dr. Oz got into a little trouble with some of his TV show sponsors, so he has had to back off making too many statements about reversing type 2 diabetes, especially on national television (which is controlled to a large extent by the pharmaceutical industry).

Reversing diabetes is possible
By Val Willingham, CNN
Bethesda, Maryland (CNN) -- Diabetes type-2 can be reversed. "We have seen numerous people reverse their condition," says Dr. Michelle Magee, director of the MedStar Diabetes Institute in Washington. "But it takes a real dedication for the rest of their lives," she notes.

UK Study shows diabetes is reversible
June 28, 2011
Researchers from Newcastle University have clearly shown that a strict low calorie diet can actually reverse the condition by normalizing blood glucose levels, reducing cholesterol levels and even stimulate the pancreas’s insulin producing cells (beta cells) to return to normal!
However, this was a small-scale study and involved just 11 people; 9 men and 2 women.
The full study was published in the June issue of the journal Diabetologia.

World Entertainment News Network
A new study suggests an extreme eight-week diet can reverse Type 2 diabetes in people newly diagnosed with the disease. Researchers at Britain's Newcastle University found the 600 calories-a-day diet reduced fat levels in the pancreas and liver, which helped insulin production return to normal. Seven out of 11 people who went on the diet, eating only liquid diet drinks and non-starchy vegetables, were free of diabetes three months later. But experts say more research is needed to see whether the reversal is permanent. Lead study author Roy Taylor says, "This diet was only used to test the hypothesis that if people lose substantial weight they will lose their diabetes. Although this study involved people diagnosed with diabetes within the last four years, there is potential for people with longer-standing diabetes to turn things around too."

Type 2 Diabetes "Reversible"
Friday, June 24, 2011
Reversal Of Type 2 Diabetes: Normalisation Of Beta Cell Function In Association With Decreased Pancreas And Liver Triacylglycerol, Diabetologia, June 9, 2011
Studies have been showing that people with type 2 diabetes who undergo gastric bypass surgeries can - within a matter of days - stop being diabetic.

Study finds Type 2 diabetes partly reversible
Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 | By Julia Brownell
Researchers at the School of Medicine have discovered that type 2 diabetes is at least in part an autoimmune disease. Their report, published in this month’s Nature Medicine, shows that B-cells appear in the inflammation of the visceral fat that precedes diabetes, and controlling them with drugs can actually prevent insulin resistance in mice on high-fat diets.

Mainstream media admits diabetes can be reversed through major diet, lifestyle changes
Monday, February 07, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The mainstream media is just now catching on to what NaturalNews and other natural health advocates have been saying for years: type 2 diabetes can be reversed through dietary and lifestyle changes, and without the need for lifelong drug interventions. A recent report by CNN says that improving one's diet, keeping off excess weight, and regularly exercising, can help millions of people with diabetes get rid of it for good.

The majority of cases of type 2 diabetes can be prevented by the adoption of a healthier lifestyle
Sept 2001
In a report in The New England Journal of Medicine, Walter Willett, MD, PhD, and his colleagues from the Harvard School of Public Health demonstrated that 91 percent of all Type 2 diabetes cases could be prevented through improvements lifestyle and diet.
Frank B. Hu, M.D., JoAnn E. Manson, M.D., Meir J. Stampfer, M.D., Graham Colditz, M.D., Simin Liu, M.D., Caren G. Solomon, M.D., and Walter C. Willett, M.D.
N Engl J Med 2001; 345:790-797 September 13, 2001
Diabetes And Insulin Resistance Are Reversible
Huffington Post
August 8, 2009
Dr. Mark Hyman says type 2 diabetes is reversible with early intervention and a proper diet.

11 People (55%) Reversed Type 2 Diabetes
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
August 17, 2010 by Robby
A peer reviewed study demonstrates 11 people (55%) of the patients reversed type 2 diabetes in an average of 16 days.
Anderson, J. W., & Ward, K. (1979). High-carbohydrate, high-fiber diets for insulin-treated men with diabetes mellitus. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 32, 2312-2321.
The abstract is available to the public at this link.

Engineer proves diabetes is reversible with plant-based diet.
February 21, 2006 Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
Xerox engineer reversed his diabetes and got off insulin by following a strict plant-based diet of vegetables, legumes, fish, and plant oils.
PDF file of newspaper article

Diabetes is not necessarily a one-way street.
PCRM Clinical Research
February 15, 2005
Diabetes: Can a Vegan Diet Reverse Diabetes?
By Andrew Nicholson, M.D.
Early studies suggest that persons with type 2 diabetes can improve and, in some cases, even reverse the disease by switching to an unrefined, vegan diet.  This is based on a carefully controlled test performed by  PCRM.

Working with Georgetown University, PCRM compared two different diets: a high-fiber, low-fat, vegan diet and the more commonly used American Diabetes Association (ADA) diet.

Fasting blood sugars decreased 59 percent more in the vegan group than in the ADA group. And, while the vegans needed less medication to control their blood sugars, the ADA group needed just as much medicine as before. The vegans were taking less medicine, but were in better control.
While the ADA group lost an impressive 8 pounds, on average, the vegans lost nearly 16 pounds. Cholesterol levels also dropped more substantially in the vegan group compared to the ADA group.
Medical research confirms lifestyle change can reverse diabetes
December 21, 1979
Medical research confirms that up to 50% of people with Type 2 diabetes can eliminate diabetes risks and discontinue medication within three weeks by adopting a low-fat, plant food diet and regular daily exercise.

Anderson, JW and Ward, K: High Carbohydrate, High fiber diets for insulin-treated men with diabetes mellitus. Am J Clin Nutr, 1979; 32:2312-21.

Software executive cures himself of diabetes at the age of 30.
Mike Adams, now known as the Health Ranger, cured himself of diabetes in a matter of months and transformed himself into the picture of perfect health in mind, body and spirit. Mike dove into research; he devoured thousands of books on nutrition, pharmaceutical drugs, wellness programs, the politics of food - anything he could find.
Mike has now made it his life mission to share the most remarkable discovery he made on his quest: the vast majority of all diseases can be easily prevented and even cured without drugs or surgery.

Diabetes is reversible
Mayo Clinic
Potentially reversible diabetes conditions include prediabetes — when your blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to be classified as diabetes — and gestational diabetes, which occurs during pregnancy.

Dr. Mercola: Not only is type 2 diabetes completely preventable, but it is virtually curable for anyone who is willing to put in the hard time and work and recovering their insulin and leptin sensitivity.

The Diabetes Conundrum: What Physicians Are Teaching You May be Killing You - Read the surprising conclusion Dr. Rosedale, one of the leading diabetic doctors in the country, reaches about the current state of knowledge in diabetes.

The Rosedale diet: The real "cure" for diabetes is to eat a diet that promotes insulin and leptin sensitivity.

Natural Treatments For Diabetes: The Whitaker Wellness approach is very effective in reducing and often eliminating the need for oral diabetes drugs and insulin in patients with type 2 diabetes.
The Whitaker Wellness Institute’s approach to diabetes is twofold: to lower blood sugar and to reduce the risk of diabetic complications with diet, exercise, and targeted nutritional supplements.

Diabetes Can Be Treated Without Drugs: Julian Whitaker, MD; Jul 03, 2009
"Hundreds of clinical trials demonstrate that diabetes can not only be prevented but actually reversed -- not with drugs but with simple, inexpensive lifestyle measures."

Health and Medicine: Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes (a vegan diet w/ low GI foods) outlines a nutritional approach to diabetes that claims greater efficacy and fewer complications than that of the American Diabetes Association diet, citing the examples of study participants who successfully improved their ability to respond to insulin, lost weight, and ended medication dependency.

The Diabetes Prevention Program study, a very large randomized clinical trial , by Deborah Greenwood, MEd, CNS, BC-ADM, CDE: (the most accurate study design) showed that you could reduce the development of diabetes by 58% by doing some simple things. 1. Lose 5-10% of your body weight by eating healthy, with calorie and fat reduction (only 25% of calories from fat). 2. Engage in physical activity for at least 30 minutes five times per week. These changes can significantly reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Other studies have looked at other types of weight loss such as using meal replacements. The global consensus is that if you lose weight and keep it off, you may be able to prevent diabetes as well as improve blood pressure and lab values.

Raw for 30 Days is an independent documentary film that chronicles six Americans with diabetes who switch to a diet consisting entirely of vegan, organic, live, raw foods in order to reverse diabetes naturally.
A medical team was established to monitor various health variables of the subjects. The diet: "No meat, no dairy, no alcohol, no caffeine, no refined foods, no junk food or fast food of any kind, no candies, no sugar".
Conclusion: Type 2 diabetes can be cured, or at least drastically reduce blood sugar, hemnoglobin a1c, blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, etc.

A randomized trial of a church-based diabetes self-management program for African Americans with type 2 diabetes. Samuel-Hodge CD, Keyserling TC, Park S, Johnston LF, Gizlice Z, Bangdiwala SI. Diabetes Educ. 2009 May-Jun;35(3):439-54. Epub 2009 Apr 21. CONCLUSIONS: The church-based intervention was well received by participants and improved short-term metabolic control.

Reduction in risk factors for type 2 diabetes mellitus in response to a low-sugar, high-fiber dietary intervention in overweight Latino adolescents. Ventura E, Davis J, Byrd-Williams C, Alexander K, McClain A, Lane CJ, Spruijt-Metz D, Weigensberg M, Goran M. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2009 Apr;163(4):320-7.

A low-fat vegan diet elicits greater macronutrient changes, but is comparable in adherence and acceptability, compared with a more conventional diabetes diet among individuals with type 2 diabetes. Barnard ND, Gloede L, Cohen J, Jenkins DJ, Turner-McGrievy G, Green AA, Ferdowsian H. J Am Diet Assoc. 2009 Feb;109(2):263-72.

Effect of a low-glycemic index or a high-cereal fiber diet on type 2 diabetes: a randomized trial. Jenkins DJ, Kendall CW, McKeown-Eyssen G, Josse RG, Silverberg J, Booth GL, Vidgen E, Josse AR, Nguyen TH, Corrigan S, Banach MS, Ares S, Mitchell S, Emam A, Augustin LS, Parker TL, Leiter LA. JAMA. 2008 Dec 17;300(23):2742-53. In patients with type 2 diabetes, 6-month treatment with a low-glycemic index diet resulted in moderately lower HbA(1c) levels compared with a high-cereal fiber diet.

Glucose and insulin responses to whole grain breakfasts varying in soluble fiber, beta-glucan: a dose response study in obese women with increased risk for insulin resistance. Kim H, Stote KS, Behall KM, Spears K, Vinyard B, Conway JM. Eur J Nutr. 2009 Apr;48(3):170-5. Epub 2009 Feb 5. CONCLUSION: These data suggest that acute consumption of 10 g of beta-glucan is able to induce physiologically beneficial effects on postprandial insulin responses in obese women at risk for insulin resistance.

Effects of antioxidant supplementation on insulin sensitivity, endothelial adhesion molecules, and oxidative stress in normal-weight and overweight young adults. Vincent HK, Bourguignon CM, Weltman AL, Vincent KR, Barrett E, Innes KE, Taylor AG. Metabolism. 2009 Feb;58(2):254-62. Antioxidant supplementation moderately lowers HOMA and endothelial adhesion molecule levels in overweight young adults. A potential mechanism to explain this finding is the reduction in oxidative stress by AOX.

Anti-inflammatory effect of lifestyle changes
in the Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study. Herder C, Peltonen M, Koenig W, Sütfels K, Lindström J, Martin S, Ilanne-Parikka P, Eriksson JG, Aunola S, Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi S, Valle TT, Uusitupa M, Kolb H, Tuomilehto J; Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study Group. Diabetologia. 2009 Mar;52(3):433-42. Epub 2009 Jan 8. CONCLUSIONS/INTERPRETATION: The present study assessed the individual effects of dietary and physical activity measures on low-grade inflammation in individuals at high cardiometabolic risk. Our results underline the importance of moderate to vigorous LTPA and a diet rich in natural fibre, and this should be emphasised in lifestyle recommendations.

One-year comparison of a high-monounsaturated fat diet with a high-carbohydrate diet in type 2 diabetes. Brehm BJ, Lattin BL, Summer SS, Boback JA, Gilchrist GM, Jandacek RJ, D'Alessio DA. Diabetes Care. 2009 Feb;32(2):215-20. Epub 2008 Oct 28. CONCLUSIONS: In individuals with type 2 diabetes, high-MUFA diets are an alternative to conventional lower-fat, high-CHO diets with comparable beneficial effects on body weight, body composition, cardiovascular risk factors, and glycemic control.

Dietary Calcium and Magnesium Intakes and the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: the Shanghai Women's Health Study.
Villegas R, Gao YT, Dai Q, Yang G, Cai H, Li H, Zheng W, Shu XO. Vanderbilt Epidemiology Center, Department of Medicine, Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, Nashville, TN, and the Department of Epidemiology, Shanghai Cancer Institute, Shanghai, China.

Note: Three of the largest studies ever done on the incidence of disease are the Harvard Nurses Health study of 85,000 women, the Health Professionals Follow-up study of 43,000 men, and the Iowa Women's Health study of 40,000 women. All three studies showed that those people with the highest levels of magnesium intake had the lowest risk for developing diabetes.

PCRM study published in Obesity in 2007 shows that a vegan diet helps people lose more weight and keep it off more effectively than a more conventional low-fat diet that includes meat and dairy products. Gabrielle M. Turner-McGrievy, M.S., R.D.

PCRM study published in Diabetes Care in 2006, found that participants on a vegan diet experienced significantly greater reductions in A1c (a measure of blood sugar levels over a prolonged period), weight, body mass index, waist circumference, and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Neal Barnard, M.D.

China Study supports a plant-based diet that can prevent heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. The China Study:The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-term Health (2005).   Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., Nutritional Biochemistry Cornell University.
Note: The China Study was the culmination of a 20-year partnership of Cornell University, Oxford University and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine.    

Doctors that say type 2 diabetes is reversible include the following  list of doctors.  In fact, some of these doctors have even developed their own diabetes programs by taking advantage of the raw food movement and the expanding acceptance of plant-based diets. Unfortunately, most of these doctoors take the safe approach and fail to mention the health issues with cow's milk, gluten, wheat, and other so-called healthy foods. The reason for this is that  most doctors don't really understand the science of food and nutrition. so, they take the easy way out and recommend the obvious without being controversial.
   Dr. Neal Barnard
   Dr. Dennis Courtney
   Dr. Joseph Mercola
   Dr. Les Moore
   Dr. Mehmet Oz
   Dr. Neal Secrist
   Dr. Fredrick Vagnini
   Dr. Andrew Weil
   Dr. Julian Whitaker
   Dr. Robert Young

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Diabetic Recipes to Control/Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Super Meal Recipes for Diabetics (Examples)
Super Breakfast
2 cups steamed spinach (or 1½ cups steamed broccoli)
Optional: Add one-half of an orange/yellow/red pepper (sliced) to steam with the vegetable.
3 oz. baked wild salmon (or 3 oz. sardines, or an Omega-3 organic egg)
1 ½ Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil (add on top of the vegetables after steaming)
Add organic spices, including raw/aged garlic, to season the vegetables/fish
24 oz. filtered water (or 16 oz. filtered water, 1 cup white tea)
1-2 cups raw vegetable juice (optional)
Optional: Add 1 scoop of super greens powder (e.g. wheat/barley grass) to a glass of water or raw juice.

Super Snack
An apple (or pear/other whole fruit)
A handful of walnuts/almonds
A glass of filtered water

Super Lunch
A small salad (with Romaine lettuce, baby spinach, sprouts, onion, celery, cucumber, tomato, tuna, boiled egg, olive oil, apple cider vinegar)
Or, a bean salad, bean soup, or turkey sandwich
A glass of filtered water

Super Dinner
1 cup steamed Brussel sprouts and 2 cups steamed broccoli
5 oz. baked skinless chicken breast (or 5 oz. wild salmon)
½ red pepper, mushrooms, spices
2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil (add after steaming vegetables)
1 slice of sprouted grain bread (1½ tsp. extra virgin coconut oil)
24 oz. filtered water (or 24 oz. white tea)
1-2 cups raw vegetable juice
Optional Dinner: a raw salad that contains the aforementioned foods with Romaine lettuce, ground salba seed and organic salad dressing

Other Super Snacks
Kashi crackers, organic chips with peanut butter, almond butter, or cheese slices.
Whole fruit (blueberries, blackberries, apple, pear, banana, grapes), with a handful of nuts such as walnuts and/or almonds.
Popcorn (air-popped popcorn)
Small Salads: Romaine lettuce, tuna, boiled egg, olive oil, apple cider vinegar
Soup (Small Bowl): black bean, chickpeas, kidney bean, lima bean
Yogurt (low-fat plain) with wheat germ
Note: Always have a glass of filtered water before or after your meal.

Note: These super foods and super meals perform the same function as the drugs, but without the side effects!

The good news here is that if you embrace these super foods, you will be able to change your body's chemistry such that several months down the road, you will be able to enjoy your bread, pasta, ice cream, or potato chips -- without having the same adverse reaction to your blood sugar!

Of course, that doesn't mean you can go hog-wild, but, at least, you will be able to once again enjoy life and not be worried about eating the 'wrong' food.

More Super Meals
If you want more recipes of super meals, snacks, and even desserts, then, get the diabetes cookbook.

To learn more about how to prepare super meals and snacks, and desserts; and, how to transform your favorite meals into super meals, with one or two minor changes, get the "Favorite Foods" PDF.

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The Diabetes Diet to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes: The 5 "Dead" Foods and 5 Super Foods

As part of the Diabetes Diet, there are 5 major foods that fuel your diabetes, and there are 5 major foods that help to control and reverse your diabetes.

The 5 "Dead" Foods
Try to reduce and eventually avoid eating the refined, processed, and starchy "dead" foods such as white bread, wheat bread (made with enriched flour), white rice, white potatoes, corn, cereal, clear vegetable oils (e.g. corn, soybean, sunflower, safflower) and foods that contain high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oil, and refined sugar. In addition, try to avoid non-prescription drugs, prescription drugs, and recreational drugs, especially alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.

Read Chapter 6 of the Death to Diabetes book for a complete list of the "dead" foods that you need to avoid so that you can save your hard-earned money to buy the foods that will help to repair your body. Once your body is repaired, you will save even more money because your body won't require as much fuel (food) to produce the necessary energy; and, you won't be spending money on OTC drugs, prescription drugs, doctor appointments, and chemical-laden "dead" foods.

Read Chapter 6 for a complete list of "super" foods, and Chapter 7 for the components of the Super Meal Model and examples of super meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Also, read Chapter 17 for food tips and recipe ideas. Gradually increase your consumption of super meals to facilitate the body's cleansing and detoxification processes.

Use the Favorite Foods Transformation Table to identify healthier versions of your favorite foods or comfort foods and to help in your transitioning from eating poorly to eating more healthy -- without feeling deprived of your favorite foods. Because if you feel deprived, you will revert to eating poorly.

Diabetes Diet to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes: Our Favorite Foods and Comfort Foods

Our Favorite Foods and Comfort Foods
Good News!: The Super Diabetes Diet encompasses how to enjoy some of your favorite foods or comfort foods -- so that you do not feel deprived!

Refer to the Death to Diabetes Cookbook to learn how to transform your favorite foods into healthy foods!

The Super Diabetes Diet to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

The Super Diabetes Diet is based upon the Super Meal Model, developed by DeWayne McCulley, the author of the top-selling diabetes book, Death to Diabetes.

The Super Diabetes Diet is truly THE Diabetes Diet, because it is specifically designed to help control, beat, and reverse Type 2 diabetes -- by providing a more sustained level of energy and key nutrients that diabetics (and non-diabetics) are missing when they consume the more traditional grain-based, overly-processed, nutrient-poor or starchy meal.

Some of the nutrients that are key to the effectiveness of THE Diabetes Diet include Omega-3 EFAs, carotenoids, chlorophyll, potassium, chromium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, fiber, and water. In addition, by avoiding the grain-based breakfast, diabetics and non-diabetics will not experience the mid-morning “crash” or craving for processed food/beverages. Over time, this type of "super" meal will support blood glucose stabilization, cell repair and the regulation of the body's production and utilization of insulin.

Super Meal (The Diabetes Diet) Attributes:

  • More frequent meals (4 to 6 times/day)
  • Smaller meals (400-500 calories)
  • Macronutrient Balance
  • (Super Carbs/Proteins/Fats/Liquids)
  • Bright-colored vegetables
  • High Fiber Content (30-35g/day)
  • Fermented Foods (3-5 times/week)
  • Raw Vegetables, Lightly-steamed (50%-80%)
  • Nutritional Supplementation (Food-based)

Super Carbohydrates include many bright, colorful and green, leafy vegetables, some dark, colorful fruits, and some specific organic whole grains (but, not wheat bread!).

Super Proteins include cold-water fish, nuts/seeds, fermented soy, organic dairy, and lean animal meats.

Super Fats include plant oils (but not clear vegetable oils or canola oil!), and the oil in nuts/seeds and cold-water fish.

Super Liquids include filtered water, raw vegetable/fruit juice; specific teas; and, a couple of the organic bottled juices.Refer to Chapters 6 and 7 for a detailed list of all the super carbs, super proteins, super fats, and super liquids that support the Death to Diabetes Diet.

Get the diabetes cookbook with hundreds of lots of mouth-watering recipes!